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29 Mar

Prevent Spring Water Damage DIY Inspection

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services in Central New Jersey is your local water damage restoration expert. Use the following checklist to help prevent spring water damage in your home.   Interior: Attic & Basement: Your attic and basement are highly susceptible to water damage. Check these areas periodically to catch water damage as soon as

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28 Feb

February Home Maintenance Tasks

Take advantage of the last month of winter and spruce up your home before venturing out for Spring. Once the first warm day rolls around, you won’t want to spend any unnecessary time inside. Make sure you’re able to soak up the sun as soon as possible by completing this end of winter home maintenance

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Holiday presents and decorations on a carpet
29 Jan

Post-Holiday Carpet Cleaning

During the holiday chaos of guests, cooking and travel, the last thing on your mind is carpet damage. Now that guests have gone home, use this time to assess the damage. Put away decorations and other clutter. Once your Central New Jersey home is cleared, inspect your carpets and create a carpet cleaning plan. Vacuum,

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Ice dam on the roof of a house
26 Dec

Ice Dam Prevention

Winter brings snow, ice and rain. With moisture being so abundant, water damage is likely to happen in your home or business. As a property owner in Central New Jersey, I’m sure you know about frozen pipes but are you aware of ice dams? Ice dams are difficult to spot. Depending on the number of

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Snowfall on a wooden roof
28 Nov

How to Prevent Water Damage This Winter

The milder days of fall are quickly fading into an icy cold winter in Central New Jersey. As a home owner, save yourself future trouble by spending time preparing your home for harsh weather. Patching wall damage, insulating pipes, protecting outdoor furniture, avoiding floor damage and keeping flammable items away from your heat source are

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Person leaving muddy footprints on carpet
29 Oct

Fall Carpet Cleaning

When was the last time you had your carpets professionally cleaned? If it’s been longer than six to twelve months, consider a fall carpet cleaning. Fall is an ideal season to prevent irreversible carpet damage. Mud, rain and debris like leaves and twigs are just waiting to be tracked in. Take advantage of your family’s

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13 Sep

5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage this Fall

Before leaves start collecting in your gutters and the constant pitter patter of rain is the backdrop to your day to day life, take some time for fall home maintenance. A few hours of trimming and patching could save you the money and hassle of dealing with a flood in your Central New Jersey home.

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Bad odors, how to find them.
20 Aug

Common Sources of Bad Odors

What’s that smell?! When you have foul odors lingering in the air, you know immediately that you want to resolve the problem and eliminate the cause. Despite the claims of so-called “air cleaners”, spraying a foul-smelling room with an air freshener or some similar product is only masking the problem. You need to tackle the source of

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Fire safety plan for offices and families in Central New Jersey.
25 Jul

Creating a Fire Safety Plan for Your Home or Business

If your home or business in Central New Jersey experiences an unexpected fire, there isn’t much time to act. You will need to have a fire safety plan already in place. Knowing the most important belongings to save from the fire and smoke is the first step. Whether it’s crucial personal documents or irreplaceable sentimental

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Choosing carpet for your home in central New Jersey.
21 Jun

How to Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

Choosing the right carpet for your home can be confusing. Whether you’re having trouble choosing the right materials and fibers or whether you’re wondering if carpet is the right choice in general, you’ve come to the right place. When choosing flooring for your home or business, it’s important to consider the benefits and costs of

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