What To Do When Pipes Burst In Your Home

A broken water pipe can develop in any part of your home. It could burst due to freezing temperatures or from tree roots penetrating a space. The ground around your home may also shift, causing some pipes to break apart sooner.

Our experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services will assist you in the water damage clean-up process. But the effort starts well before we begin our work, as you’ll need to do a few things after a water pipe bursts in your home.

Shut Off Electrical Features

Turn off the electrical connections in your home if a water pipe bursts. Excess water can be an electrical hazard. Avoid going into standing water when the power is on. You can contact your electrician if you cannot safely access anything that helps you shut off the power.

Stop the Flooding Source

You’ll need to turn off the water source that is causing you trouble. Look for the main water valve in your property and turn it off as soon as possible.

Safely Remove Items

Start removing any items in your flooded space if possible. Clear off items from the floor, and move paper items and other fragile things out before the excess humidity causes damages. Be sure to do this safely and to avoid any electrical items that might get in touch with the water.

Document the Damage and Contact Your Insurance Company

Get as much evidence of the damage as possible. Take photos or videos of the damage, and take note of all the items that were impacted. Contact your insurance company afterward to start a claim on whatever items you have here.

Clear Whatever Standing Water You Can Safely Handle

You can start removing standing water at your property if it is safe for you to do this. Be sure there are no electrical hazards in your space before you start. You might need a mop and bucket in some cases, but a floor mop may work if the flooding is in your basement and you need to move the water closer to a drain. A wet-dry vacuum can also work in tough-to-reach areas, but only if it is safe to use one.

Begin Drying Everything

You can start drying everything yourself by opening the windows to your home and operating your HVAC system in cycles between 60 and 80 degrees. Cycling moves moisture into the air and then removes it.

Contact Us For Support

The last part of what to do when pipes burst is to contact us at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. We will reach your property as soon as possible to start safely cleaning out the excess water around your space. Our water damage clean-up effort ensures your home will stay safe and manageable.