ServiceMaster Office Disinfection Services

A commercial cleaning service can be useful, but it won’t get your property all the way clean like what you’d get from a commercial disinfection service. There are many points that make commercial disinfection services different from a traditional cleaning process. You’ll see that disinfection provides a more protected environment secure from various threatening bacteria and viruses.

Our work at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services will ensure your property receives the disinfection support it needs. We provide a more thorough approach to cleaning than what you would get elsewhere.

Our SaniMaster Service

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services, we’re on the leading edge of disinfection. Our EPA approved SaniMaster line of cleaning products has been proven to kill COVID-19 and numerous other viruses, bacteria and fungi. We can offer protection after an outbreak and provide preventative services.

Unique Cleaning Items

Disinfectants have taken center stage for how they target viruses and other compounds. Disinfectants can be certified by the CDC and other organizations to ensure dangerous viruses can die off during the cleaning effort.

Traditional cleaners can break up visible stains and other items and clear them off a spot. They can produce a comfortable space, but they may not be as effective as a disinfectant.

Working a Little Longer

The disinfection process takes extra bits of time to complete. It can utilize an antimicrobial solution that sticks in an area for a predetermined dwell time. The goal is to achieve the ideal kill rate against bacteria and viruses. The disinfection effort works with more support than a traditional cleaning effort that entails applying a cleaner and then washing it off not long afterward.

Disinfectants work differently from traditional cleaners that only break apart surface stains. You can use a cleaner if you need to produce a spotless environment in less time, but it won’t go all the way in protecting your space as a disinfectant can.

Focusing on Small Spaces

Traditional cleaning work involves cleaning large spaces, including carpets, walls, counters, and various high-touch items. Disinfection involves going into some of the smallest spots in a property, including the doorknobs, handles, buttons, switches, and other things people contact each day. Disinfection is about targeting the items that people will touch throughout the day, as they are the spots with the highest viral loads.

Avoiding Zone Cleaning

Many cleaning projects entail zone cleaning processes. Zone cleaning entails a building being divided in zones. One cleaner is assigned to each zone. There might be one cleaner for a specific room, or another for a different floor.

While zone cleaning sounds convenient, it can result in duplicated efforts. The results may be inconsistent, as one place may be cleaned better than others. Commercial disinfection services focus on the same process throughout an entire building, including using the proper cleaning items through each space in the building.

Be sure to note how well our commercial disinfection services at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services can work, and note that these are different from regular cleaning efforts. You might not visibly notice the effects of a disinfection process, but you’ll feel comfortable knowing that the bacteria and viruses you don’t notice each day are being cleared out of your building before they can cause anyone to become ill.