Three Mistakes to Avoid when Making a Disinfection Plan

Many businesses are struggling to stay open because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Keeping patrons and employees safe is every businesses top priority. We still have to maintain social distancing, wear masks, and wash our hands again and again. However, we need to make sure that our offices are clean and free from any infections. When you are disinfecting your office, you might make three common mistakes. Here are those mistakes that you need to avoid:

1.     Wrong Disinfectant

With so many options for disinfectants, choosing the right one can be difficult. You have some strong chemicals such as bleach or other natural options have proven to be effective as well. The choice of disinfectant also depends on the location you will use it for.

When you hire ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services for disinfection services, we will use one of the best disinfectants on the market for your office. The disinfectant we used is CDC-approved and offers effective protection.

  1. Inexperienced Team

The novel Coronavirus is deadly and has taken the lives of more than 239,000 people in the United States alone. You cannot compromise on your employee’s health by relying on an inexperienced cleaning service for disinfecting your office. An inexperienced team will either use outdated or weak equipment that has no use. Furthermore, they will take less time and avoid cleaning all the spaces in your office.

If you want to ensure that your office is completely safe from Coronavirus, you need to hire a professional cleaning service team such as ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. We will disinfect every edge of your office with high-quality, certified, and approved disinfectants. We know the right techniques to keep the virus away from your office.

3.     Disinfecting Your Office Once

Many people disinfect their office once and assume that they are safe from the Coronavirus forever. However, that is not the case. Disinfection can only clean the virus if it is already present. Disinfecting your office daily will give maximum protection to your office. When someone with the virus enters your office, there is a higher chance that they might infect you and any of your employees spreading the virus in the office. That can be dangerous, and all your efforts from the start of the pandemic will be of no use.

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services can help you disinfect your office regularly. We will share the plan for your convenience so that you are safe from the virus every day. Our professional team will maintain the virus’s protection so that you and your business are safe and running.


Offices without any proper protection are prone to spread the virus to their employees and their family. No one wants to risk the lives of people who care for your business and elevate productivity. We proudly service various cities in New Jersey. Contact us and we will share our plan to keep your office safe and healthy.