Act quickly to keep the damage at bay

If you have water damage in your Trenton home from flooding, a burst pipe, backed up sewer line, or overflowed sink, it is vital that you take action immediately to minimize the damages. Water can lead to mold growth, rotting wood, rusted metal, peeling paint, and extensive discoloration and warping of building materials.

Keep an eye out for leaks

Check the pipes under the sink or behind the washing machine frequently. Look for dampness in the walls or moisture gathering on the exterior of the pipe. Washing machine or dishwasher lines can develop cracks or other damage over time. These items are hidden out of view, and it is easy to overlook them. Take charge of protecting your home by monitoring the condition of your water lines and proactively responding to any damage. If you do find a leak or crack, shut off the water and replace the piece. If you discover the leak after water damage has already occurred, it’s time to contact ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services.

Call in the professionals for the best results

If the water is contaminated, professional assistance is a necessity. The experts know the best methods for sanitizing affected spaces.

Even with clean water, immediate and high-powered action is essential for effective results. Extracting water with a consumer-grade wet/dry shop vac is like trying to build a rock wall out of pebbles—ineffective and ridiculously time consuming. With our powerful commercial-grade equipment, proven expertise, and guaranteed quality, there’s no better choice for Trenton water damage restoration than ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services.