5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage this Fall

person cleaning leaves autumn

Before leaves start collecting in your gutters and the constant pitter patter of rain is the backdrop to your day to day life, take some time for fall home maintenance. A few hours of trimming and patching could save you the money and hassle of dealing with a flood in your Central New Jersey home. Here are some tips to avoid water or mold damage this fall:

  1. Clean Gutters

Remove natural debris like leaves, sticks and nests from your gutter system. Using a good pair of garden gloves and a small shovel should do the trick. Doing this can avoid water blockage and overflows. Make sure downspouts are angled at least 10 feet away from your foundation. If rain water has no place to escape, one day you might just walk into a flooded basement that looks more like a swimming pool than anything else.

  1. Inspect Roof

It is important to evaluate the condition of your roof at the beginning of the rainy season. Missing shingles, dips in your roof and stains on ceilings are all sure signs that water damage is happening. Replace shingles and patch up any holes that you see. This is also a good time to trim tree branches. High winds or low temperatures can contribute to a higher risk of tree inflicted roof damage.

  1. Weatherproof Windows & Doors

To prevent rainwater from finding its way onto your carpets and window seals, make sure there are no gaps around windows and doors. Applying foam sealant or weather stripping is a quick, low cost solution that will keep water from building up in your home. Once the weather proofing materials are in place, verify that windows and doors can shut correctly.

  1. Plumbing

Maintaining your plumbing is important year-round, but as the temperature drops there are additional issues to consider. Check that exposed pipes are insulated to prevent freezing. Even pipes in basements or attics are susceptible to the cold. The next check should be your water pressure. Especially if you are expecting overnight guests this holiday season, overly high water pressure can cause stress to your pipes. This stress can lead to leaks and mold damage. All visible mold should be taken seriously because it can be toxic or cause serious health issues.

  1. Appliances

Dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines are the main appliances to look out for when it comes to water damage prevention. Check for warn out hoses or pipes on dishwashers and washing machines. Refrigerators have a water supply tube at the back. If that becomes damaged in any way, leaks can occur. If emergency leaks occur, it is always a good idea to shut off your water valve. Learning how to do this before an issue arises can prevent some major damage.

We hope these tips can prevent water and mold damage from taking place this fall in your Central New Jersey home. If water or mold damage already exists, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services can help get your life back to normal. Any time of day or night we are here to offer the highest service quality. Our technicians will do what it takes to stop the water or mold damage from its source, remove waste and restore damaged areas. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your water or mold damage.

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