Different kinds of carpet require different kinds of care.

There are several different types of carpeting in the market, and majority of property owners and property managers have no clue as to what type of carpeting their floors are covered in. In most cases, all you want is to have your carpets clean and lasting as long as possible, as replacing carpeting can be quite costly. This is when it is important to know your carpet type, because when you call a professional such as ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services for carpet cleaning it’s best to inform of the type of carpet you have so that they can properly clean your carpets.

1) Cut Pile
This type of carpeting is created by looping carpet fibers attheir base and cutting the loops off at their tips, creating vertical strands. Cut Pile carpets come in Saxony (1/2″ high carpet piles), Textured (twisted pilesmade to resist dirt and soil), and Freize (short carpet piles,mainly used in commercial areas).

2) Loop Pile
Loop pile carpets are similar to cut pile carpeting, with the exception that the loops are not cut to made vertical piles. The uncut loops gives this type of carpeting high durability and good use for areas of high foot traffic, but when it comes to pets it can cause issues. The claws and nails of animals can become stuck in the carpet’s loops. Loop Piles come in Berber (densely packed fibers that are uneven) and Level (short, level carpet loops that are resilient against stains).

3) Cut and Loop Pile
This type of carpeting does exist and is mainly used to patterned carpeting. To care for these carpets you can follow the general rules for loop pile carpets.

In all cases, preserving your carpets doesn’t take too much effort. For best practices all you need to do is vacuum your carpets at least once every two weeks at a minimum, steam clean or clean with hot water extraction every season, and to always treat stains immediately after they occur.

Cut pile carpeting is the most common in households, but when it comes to loop pile carpeting, it’s best to vacuum without the use of any brushes or beater bar as it can rip and tear the loops. For loop pile carpeting, vacuum only using the suction of a vacuum. But when it comes to steam and hot water extraction cleaning, both types of carpeting can be cleaned without any negative side effects.

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