Trust Us to Clean Your Area Rugs.

For any home or office, area rugs are a great way to effectively decorate and improve a room or hallway’s appearance at an affordable cost. But much like carpeting, over time, dirt and dust will accumulate causing premature wear and faded colors.

But with area rug cleaning services from ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services, we can eliminate these factors and restore your rug back to its rightful condition, as if it were brand new. With our specialized cleaning process, our cleaning team will be able to remove the dirt and filth trapped within the fibers of your rug caused by daily foot traffic. When we treat your area rugs, we’ll be restoring their colors, making them feel plusher, and help extend their life by removing all of the impurities.

Save money and have your area rugs deep cleaned and cared for with professional cleaning services from ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. We handle all rug types (Oriental, Persian, etc.) with special care to avoid damages, to protect your investment, and to provide reliable deep cleaning services.

For more information about our area rug cleaning services please contact our office today with any questions or concerns. For the rest of your property, remember to consider our high-quality carpet cleaning services as well. We’ll be able to remove and restore your carpet from heavy foot traffic and soil.