Before You Go on Vacation

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When heading out for a vacation, it is vital to have a pre-vacation home checklist that includes all of the necessary safety and security measures that you should take for your home. Leaving for vacation ultimately means leaving your most valuable asset unsupervised and exposed to natural hazards. Therefore, you need to take specific measures to protect your home from water and fire damage.

Ask a Friend to Check Your Home

Ask a friend to check your home while you’re away. Even though it is not necessary for them to check on your home daily, having them visit from time-to-time will still be enough. Even a quick stroll around your house can be enough for them to find out if someone broke in or if a recent storm damaged something.

Clear the Refrigerator

A quick scan of your fridge is all it takes to spot expired or almost expired items and toss them before you head out. While this may seem like a task that can wait, you definitely don’t want to come home to a horrible odor.

Set Light Timers

Even though your house will remain empty while you’re away, you at least want to make it look occupied. If your home looks empty, burglars will take the opportunity to get in and steal your valuables. One good option to make your house seem occupied is to set timers on the lights. This gives an impression to outsiders that there is someone in your home. Light timers are a very simple, cheap, non-invasive, and effective way to give the impression that you are still in your home.

Set Away Temperature on the Thermostat

Your HVAC unit will always burden your utility bill. However, this does not mean you should shut it down when you leave. Set the thermostat to 80 degrees but don’t turn off the air conditioner. You’ll save money and energy while you’re away.

Final Thoughts

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Photo by Rafael Cisneros Méndez on Unsplash