Candle Safety

candles and lights for holiday celebrations

Are you fond of collecting candles? If yes, then you should remember that candles are a massive fire hazard if not used safely. Therefore, you should stay cautious while enjoying the mystical aroma of your favorite scented candle. According to the National Fire Protection Association, everyday 21 homes on average are set on fire because of candles. Another report claims that about 85% of those can prevent fire through fire safety precautions. Especially during holidays, you need to be extra careful because candle fires are unfortunately quite common. Below, you will find effective tips to reduce the risk of candle fires at any time.

1. Trim the Wick

You can prevent home fire by trimming the candle wick before lighting it. Long wicks cause large flames increasing the risk of a candle fire. However, when you trim the candle wick by ¼ inch, the flame, the   threat will reduce significantly.

2. Dispose of the Match Properly

In many fire incidents, people throw match sticks in the trash while it’s still burning. Keep in mind, sometimes the heat can also cause a fire. Make sure you cool down the match stick in water before tossing it in the bin. Also, you can keep a flame-resistant dish in the kitchen that helps bring the match stick to room temperature.

3. Use Long Match Sticks

Using long match sticks is an important fire safety rule and it will protect you from fire burns as well. When you have long match sticks, you can easily prevent your hands from burning.

4. Never Lose Sight of Your Candle

You should never leave a lit candle in a room. For instance, if the candle is in the kitchen, you shouldn’t leave it there as it is a massive fire hazard. Therefore, reduce fire damage risks by keeping your eyes on burning candles.

5. Set a Timer

Never burn a candle for more than four hours as carbon collects on the wick and enlarges the flame. Consider setting a timer for four hours and blow it off before it gets unstable.

6. Extinguish Properly

Always make sure to put a lid on top of a lit candle, until it completely dies down. This prevents hot wax from splattering as well.

7. Choose the Right Spot

Keep a lit candle on a stable and heat-resistant surface. If you place your candle away from flammable materials, children, and pets, you can significantly reduce the risk of a candle fire.


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