Becoming “green” and “eco-friendly” has blossomed into a popular trend in attempting to reduce pollution and sustain the environment. Over the last several years, you may have noticed environmentally green cleaning products becoming much more popular and much more effective. When you want to keep your home clean, but prefer not to pay for expensive green cleaning products, there are some simple solutions you can create with everyday, household items. Below are some simple concoctions you can create to help keep your home clean, sanitized, and free of harsh chemicals.

1) Use lemon juice as a sanitizer
Lemon juice can be used as an all-purpose cleaner and sanitizer for hard surface tops. Mix equal amounts of water and lemon juice inside a spray bottle. The lemon juice and water mix is great for breaking down greasy marks and killing germs and bacteria.

2) Use oil and lemon juice polish wood furniture
Mix 2 parts vegetable or olive oilto1 part lemon juice. This mixture can do a great job for polishing wood furniture without the need to buy an expensive polishing agent. The oil will help keep the wood from drying, while the lemon juice will help breakdown and extract dirt.

3) Applying club soda to fresh carpet spills
Club soda is the perfect item to help lift and remove fresh carpet stains. Simply pour a bit of club soda directly onto any fresh stain, allow it fizz and settle for a minute then blot the area dry with the clean section of a cloth. Repeat these steps as many times as needed until the stain is completely lifted.

4) White vinegar to clean windows
White vinegar is extremely effective for cleaning windows, due to its acidic properties and ability to breakdown of dirt, dust, and grime. For an extremely cheap and easy to use window cleaning solution, mix 1-part distilled white vinegar to 1-part hot water and place into a spray bottle.

5) Use borax to remove stains
Borax is a great natural bleach alternative and disinfectant.Mix a half-cup of borax with 1-gallon of water. This solution is great for cleaning sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and several other surfaces where you may require bleach or a heavy-duty cleaning agent.

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