Middlesex might not have to deal with the constant muddy rain of Seattle or the regular snow tracks of Minneapolis, but we have our share of stains, spills, and soils. How do the businesses around Middlesex keep our floors clean? With commercial cleaning services, naturally. But how do they keep our floors clean? That depends on what surface the floors are made of.

Most business carpets are very low-shag, meaning that there are not a lot of long fibers to trap the soil and grime. That makes them relatively quick to dry, which in turn makes steam cleaning (technically called ‘hot-water extraction’) an excellent method for keeping commercial carpets clean. Spot treatments for very tough stains are occasionally necessary, but most carpets respond quite well to the traditional steam cleaner.

Tile, Stone and Concrete
Tile, stone, concrete, and other porous surfaces are either easy or extremely difficult to clean, depending on whether or not they’ve been properly sealed. Without a good seal, porous surfaces will easily absorb stains and won’t let them go. With a seal, a basic sweep-and-mop routine works every time.

Hardwood floors actually have specific cleansers that are used by professionals in floor cleaning. Middlesex is surprisingly sparse when it comes to hardwood floors (at least in commercial settings), but almost every crew in town has a hardwood floor specialist that knows the tricks not only for ordinary maintenance but removing the stains from hardwood, which can be labor-intensive.

Artificial Floors
One of the best things about artificial floors is that they’re ridiculously easy to clean. They resist stains, they’re perfectly waterproof, and they’re generally smooth. A little degreaser and more straightforward sweep-and-mop, and you’re golden.

Commercial cleaners have access to tools and cleaners that you probably cant find at an ordinary marketplace, and that’s for good reason: using the wrong cleaner for the wrong floor can actually destroy the surface you walk on. So let the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services keep your business’ floors clean, for everyone’s sake. As great-looking floors will help make your office appear much more inviting.