How to Get Rid of the Smell of Smoke After a Fire

Smoke damage, fire damage.

Fire damage cleanup is a complicated, multi-step process. Not only must the charred parts of the building be restored or rebuilt, but the leftover soot and residual smoke smell must be dealt with as well. Whether that smoky smell originates from an actual house fire, a nearby wildfire, or just a barbecue mishap gone wrong, there are ways to eliminate that odor permanently.  ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services has the methods and the knowledge to rid your home or business of smoke smell quickly and effectively.

Your Average Deodorizer Won’t Work

Attempting to get rid of that smoke smell using spray deodorizers, scented candles, or other air fresheners won’t work. They’ll simply mask the odors and will not actually remove it. When a fire happens, the smoke that results will infiltrate all areas of the building. It will seep into your carpeting, furniture, clothing, drapes, and more. Soot particles are only 4 microns long, which means they can deeply embed themselves in fabrics, fibers, wood, and other porous surfaces. To actually remove the odor of smoke, you have to completely remove all the soot particles, even those embedded in carpets and walls. This requires a professional deep cleaning effort.

Your HVAC System Will Be Affected

Because smoke travels in the air, it is more than likely that it got into your ventilation systems. You will need a thorough inspection and cleaning of your vents, as fire smoke can permeate ductwork and hang out in the ventilation system long for a while. You will need to change out your HVAC filters and even consider having an HVAC professional come in and take a look to see if additional cleaning should be done. It is also possible that additional damage has been done to the duct as a result of the fire, so you’ll want to know that right away.

Deep Cleaning Should Be Done by Professionals

Items like your carpeting, your upholstered furniture, your hard surface floors, and your soft contents (drapes, clothing, etc.) will all need to be professionally cleaned to ensure proper sanitization and complete removal of particulates. Those that are covered in soot should absolutely be handled by a professional. The oils on your fingertips can compound the soot and embed it deeper. A professional fire damage cleaning service like ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services can completely eliminate smoke odors and remove all ash residue properly, no matter how deeply it is embedded. Especially when it comes to carpets and upholstered furniture.

For all hard surfaces, you can wipe them down with a mild detergent and water. This includes painted surfaces, baseboards, doors, windows, frames and sills, and outside and inside of cabinets and drawers.

If your property recently experienced a fire and you need help removing smoke odors and cleaning up the damage, call us. We can help.