Hunterdon County sewer backup cleaning can be a bit nasty. Even water that isn’t visibly contaminated could be harmful to your health. Always be sure take precautions including wearing rubber gloves and other protective gear when handling items that came into contact with water from a sewer backup. If you have sewer backup damage in your Hunterdon County home—even if there isn’t standing water—we highly recommend that you keep yourself safe by having the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services tackle this water damage restoration task.

Sewer backups can result from a variety of sources. The most common possibilities include:

  • City sewer lines. Heavy rains are sometimes too much for the city’s drains to handle. As the rainwater pours into the pipes from the street, the pressure of the water can push water back up the pipes to your home. This often results in a Hunterdon County basement sewer backup, with water coming up through the drain in the basement floor.
  • Clogs and blockages. Flushing the wrong item down the drain can lead to a blocked pipe months later. Cleaning supplies, including paper towels, sanitizing wipes, and other items are often flushed down the drain, but these products are not designed to disintegrate in water, which means all it takes is a few pieces getting wedged in a slight bend in a pipe, and suddenly the water can’t get through.
  • Broken pipes. Over time, old pipes start to break down. This can happen due to corrosion of the pipes themselves, or because tree branches grow into and around the pipes. Whatever the cause, it’s important to think about the age of the pipes in your home and connecting to the city lines. Broken pipes disrupt the natural flow of sewage, which can send the sewage back up in your Hunterdon County home, or they can cause the sewage to seep into the ground at the point of the pipe, which can have other long-reaching impacts on the soil.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we have the know-how to tackle all your Hunterdon County water damage restoration and sewer backup cleaning needs. Call us 24-hours a day for immediate cleaning services and get back to your life.