Hurricane Safety Tips

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Areas where hurricanes strike are always at risk of a significant or minor natural disaster. The intensity of a hurricane depends on the area and atmospheric conditions. Knowing what level of risk the area you live in will help you greatly in that you can plan ahead for whatever comes your way.

Hurricane Safety Tips

These hurricane safety tips will help you prepare for a disaster before it strikes.

1. Know Your Area’s Risk

Know the hazards that threaten your community.

2. Sign Up for Warning Systems

Sign up for weather alerts and local warning systems so you know when to expect a disaster.

3. Build an Emergency Kit

Every home should have an emergency kit in the event of a power outage or evacuation. An emergency kit should contain first aid supplies and medicines, water, batteries for flashlights, shelf stable food, clothing plus food and water for pets too.

4. Prepare Your Home

Preparing your home will minimize damage. Remove tree branches hanging over your roof. Also, inspect windows, doors, walls, and the roof for damage. Repair as soon as you can so storm damage doesn’t further damage an already damaged part of your home.

5. Prepare an Escape Plan

Stay in touch with the local emergency management and find safe routes while evacuating during a hurricane.

6. Know What to Do Before and During a Hurricane

You should know what to do before a hurricane approaches, hits, and moves away. Share important information with your family and friends and tell them to prepare themselves.

24-hour Service for Disasters

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