Upholstery cleaning is something you should do to maintain the appearance of the furniture in your Mercer home over time. Upholstered furniture sees a lot of wear and tear from daily usage, especially if you have pets that like to cozy up on your upholstered chairs or couches. The longer dirt and other material that soils upholstery is ignored the more likely the furniture in your lovely Mercer residence could become permanently discolored or stained. The same goes for carpets – you’ll want to vacuum carpets 1-2 times a week. Deeper carpet cleaning services are recommended as well to help pull out odors and soiling materials that age carpets or even cause allergies.

Our professional carpet and upholstery cleaning team here in Mercer has compiled tips that will help you get the job done. However, if you’d rather leave the job to upholstery cleaning professionals, be sure you choose a reputable Mercer carpet and upholstery cleaning service before you trust them to work on your upholstery.

Step 1: First, test a small and discrete area of your upholstery
To make sure you are happy with the results, be sure to test a small area of your upholstery or carpet first. Some chemical cleaners or spot removers can be harsh and bleach out your upholstery or carpet.

Step 2: Do you have spots or stains?
Keep in mind a spot can be removed and a stain is permanent. Many times, Mercer residents assume that upholstery and carpet cleaning services can remove any stain. If a spill has gone unattended to for too long it causes discoloration and normal carpet and upholstery cleaning will not restore the color. Often times carpet and furniture gets faded by the sun and once the color is gone there isn’t much you can do about it other than prevent further discoloration by moving your furniture out of harsh sunlight, using a throw blanket as protection, or using a fabric protector.

Step 3: Use Fabric Protector
A fabric protectant will help maintain your upholstery once it has been cleaned by a professional cleaning service. This will help resist spills and stains as well as fading from natural light.