Removing Pet Stains from Carpets

Pet stains on carpets, carpet cleaning in New Jersey.

Having pets is a wonderful part of coming home. Whether it’s a dog or a cat or some other furry friend, pets tend to make a house a home. But something not so pleasant about pets is sometimes coming home to an accident. Pet stains on carpets can be difficult to remove or leave lingering odors even after scrubbing. Learn how you can combat pet odors and accidents before they ruin your floors, carpets or area rugs by following the tips below!

Step 1: Damage Control

Act quickly! Begin cleaning up the puddle as soon you as notice it. Use a paper towel to blot up as much of the urine as possible from the floor or carpet. Don’t rub or scrub! Blotting is the best way to absorb the stain without spreading it around. If the stain is already a bit dry, pour some cold water on it and continue blotting. Avoid the use of hair dryers to dry up the rest of the spot, as this can set the stain and the odor. If a machine-washable item has been marked, put it through a cold rinse and then through a full normal wash cycle with detergent.

For cats, avoid the use of ammonia-based cleaners, as cat urine contains ammonia and a similar smell can encourage the cat to mark the spot again.

Step 2: Odor Removal

Even after you’ve blotted up the wetness, the smell will continue to linger. The longer this odor sits on your carpet fibers, the worse the odor will become. Over-the-counter or DIY odor removal solutions may only temporarily mask the odor and not actually remove it. Steam cleaning options can actually lock in the smell and make it permanent.

Step 3: Get to the Root of the Stain

Even if you have effectively cleaned up the surface stain, the urine can damage the padding and sub-floor underneath the surface. Bacteria and allergens can linger, risking illness and other health problems for those in the home. It’s crucial that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration to provide a deeper cleaning. Professional services will remove bacteria and allergens as well as clean below the carpet.

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services offers expert carpet cleaning services all across Hunterdon County, Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Somerset County, New Jersey. Don’t risk permanently damaging your carpets or floors when your beloved pet has an accident!