For every homeowner, Middlesex water damage is the stuff of nightmares. If you do find yourself in need of a Middlesex water restoration company, don’t panic; ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services has your back. Our team is available 24-hours a day to begin immediate water damage cleanup.

  1. Many common sources of water damage in Middlesex are actually preventable. Follow these tips from the experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services to decrease your risk of water damage.
  2. Clear out the gutters. Regularly maintained gutters kept free of leaves and other potential sources of blockage keep the water flowing, rather than pouring over the sides of the gutters and pooling next to your home.
  3. Set up your downspouts to direct the flow of water 10 feet or more from the foundation of your home.
  4. Design your landscaping so that your home is at the highest point. If the ground slopes down to your house, the water will follow. Avoid wading through your home by creating a flow down and away from your home.
  5. Set up a sump pump to prevent basement flooding. And don’t wait until the rain starts to find out whether the pump is working—test it frequently so you can rest easy when the rain starts.
  6. Guard against pipe breakage and Middlesex water damage in the winter by leaving outdoor faucets dripping and cover spigots with insulation. Open cabinets in front of sinks and water pipes, because that allows the warm air from the house to circulate in the cabinets as well, keeping the pipes above freezing.