What Causes Pipes to Burst?

A young woman holding bucket in her hand for water leaking from top roof

We all have heard a story of bursting pipes in the winter. Not only do property owners have to pay for expensive plumbing, but they also have to clear the mess caused by water damage. You need to restore the area affected by these pipes by cleaning any spilled water.

Burst pipes are disruptive to your day and can be a cost mess to restore. And that is not all; it can disrupt the water supply to your property. But why does it happen? Can you prevent this problem? Read further to understand its causes and prevention tips.

Causes of Burst Water Pipes

Frozen Pipes

This is the most common problem in winters. Metal pipes shrink on freezing days, while water molecules become stronger and start to expand. Since water expands and metal contracts, the pipe is under tremendous pressure. The pressure builds up and causes your pipes to burst.

Unsecured Pipes

Many people don’t give much attention to securing their pipes. This is why when the water flows from the pipes, they move due to pressure. It also causes a rattle sound under your walls. Over time, these problems weaken your pipes and finally burst one day.

Uninsulated Attic

If your attic is not properly insulated, it can also lead to water damage. The pipes inside the walls freeze due to cold and harsh weather outside. This causes your pipes to break or burst inside your walls, causing water leakage.

Tips for Preventing Pipe Bursting

Why wait for your pipes to burst when you can prevent these problems? With a few precautions and easy steps, you can save your property from great water damage.

Keep Water Faucets Running

Is it freezing outside? Then, allow your faucets to run. You can do this with one or two faucets, and it will allow the water to flow instead of freezing.

Protect Your Pipes

Use heat tape to insulate your pipes. You can use this procedure for pipes outside your house or pipes in less ventilated areas like the attic.

Inspect Your Property

It’s best to hire an expert who can help you determine what pipes are not properly secure and which ones are at risk of bursting. They will also give you tips for preventing water damage in your house.

Seal Leaks

Leaks can allow cold air to reach your pipes, freezing the water. Therefore, you need to look for air leaks around dryer vents and electrical wiring. Note that even a small opening can cause your pipes to freeze.

Maintain Home’s Temperature

To prevent your pipes from freezing, you need to keep them at an optimal temperature, ideally above 32 degrees. This will provide enough heat to your pipes and prevent water from freezing.

Bottom Line

Water damage can ruin your winter. To avoid this problem, you need to take the precautions mentioned above. If you are worried about the condition and quality of your pipes, you can hire us to get a detailed inspection. ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services inspects all pipes in your home and helps you address the problem so that you don’t have to deal with frozen pipes.