If you have decided you need a professional Middlesex cleaning company to service your home or business, there are a few things you should consider before scheduling an appointment. Many Middlesex cleaning services may provide routine cleaning for commercial and residential clients and are used to particular cleaning methods and schedules. However, a reputable cleaning service will be happy to answer your specific questions in order to get the job done properly. At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, we appreciate when Middlesex residents and businesses share their particular needs and expectations so that we can tailor cleaning appointments as needed.

The following are the types of questions you should consider when trying to decide on the best Middlesex cleaning company for you.

1. Do you have references?
Ask the cleaning agency to provide you with references of other customers they’ve worked with.

2. Can I schedule cleanings as needed?
Some cleaning companies will ask for biweekly or monthly cleaning services. If that’s what you need, super but if you don’t want to commit to that make sure it’s possible.

3. Do you provide free estimates?
Every reputable cleaning service in Middlesex should. Bottom line.

4. Are you insured?
You want an insured cleaning service otherwise you (and your wallet) are responsible for any issues.

5. Do you provide cleaning supplies and products?
You probably expect that to be part of the service unless you require particular products due to sensitivities or have particular preferences.

6. Do your cleaning specialists go through training?
This will give you some insight into the level of experience you can expect from employees as well as if the cleaning company is dedicated to the services they’re providing.