What To Do After A Snowstorm

Snowman broken because of Snowstorm

A snowstorm can be a fun event for the family but it can bring trouble with it long after it’s melted away. If you’ve experienced a snowstorm recently, there are several things you need to do to ensure there is no damage to your home.

Look for Damaged Trees

The weight of snow and ice can make tree limbs weak and break. While some branches break immediately, others may not have broken off yet. This can be extremely dangerous as a branch can be deceptively heavy. Anyone passing near the trees can get hurt or sustain deadly injuries. So, it’s important to check the signs of tree damage.

We recommend hiring an arborist to inspect each tree around your home. If they notice any problems, they can cut the problematic branch or tree immediately.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Be sure to clean any snow that is blocking vents on the outside of your home. Blocked vents on the outside of your home create a potentially dangerous situation inside your home by allowing carbon monoxide to accumulate. It’s especially important to check your CO2 detector. Check the batteries, and replace them if they are not working properly.

Check Your Attic

It’s important to catch water damage at the first sign to avoid larger issues in the future. Checking your attic for leaks can let you know if there are roof issues that need to be dealt with right away.

Avoid Driving

No matter how urgent you need to get out of your house, if there is no health emergency, avoid driving. Even if you have to get out of the house, try to drive slowly and watch for black ice. Also, drive on safe routes.

Bottom Line

A snowstorm can cause water damage, power outage, and extremely cold weather. You need to take care of yourself and your family and follow the mentioned tips.

If you notice any signs of water damage, call the experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. We can help you resolve the problem in no time.