For any property, the addition of hardwood floors can be a costly the investment that can add great value to your home or office. But unlike carpeting, vinyl flooring, or even wood laminate, hardwood floors requires extra attention and care in order to stay maintain and undamaged. Below are some tips on how you can make your hardwood floors last within your property.

  1. Do not use heavy-duty cleaning products: For hardwood floors, avoid the use of any strong chemical cleaning products such as bleach. Strong chemicals or solvents can destroy and strip the finish from the hardwood causing damages and permanent discoloration. Instead search for hardwood specific cleaners to avoid any unnecessary damages.
  2. Use soft cloths: When sweeping or vacuuming hardwood flooring, hard-bristled brushes can actually cause several deep scratches that can collect and trap dirt and soil causing faded or discolored appearances. As an alternative use a soft cloth to wipe and clean your floors, as this will prevent scratches and can collect dirt much more effectively.
  3. Use rugs and area mats: Place mats or rugs at entrances. It may seem like a small idea, but rugs and mats are able to collect a significant amount of dirt and soil that are tracked in from shoes and heavy foot traffic. Avoid having soil tracked inside your property and ground into the floor causing damages or scratches, by utilizing rugs and mats.
  4. Don’t use an overly saturated the mop:  When mopping hardwood floors, be sure to not allow the mop to be dripping wet, instead you want your mop to be damp. When mops are dripping with water, the hardwood can absorb the water and cause it to swell, distort, and become damaged. When mopping, ring out the mop as well as you can so that it is lightly damp to the touch and where the moisture is able to evaporate within minutes of mopping.
  5. Use hardwood-specific cleaners: When attempting to clean your hardwood floors, always be sure to be using a hardwood-specific cleaning agent. Otherwise you risk stripping the varnish, causing damages, and leaving permanent marks. Read the labels, follow directions, and know your type of hardwood when cleaning with specific agents.

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