For any home in Edison and the rest of Middlesex County, New Jersey, keeping your carpets clean can be a difficult task. As children, spills, pet dander, and several other items can litter your carpet with stains, faded colors, and much more. But many home and property owners do not realize that carpets are crucially important to the appearance of any home, as it is one of the items that covers the most surface area of a home, sets the visual tone, and can be key in creating a sharp and clean first impression.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we’re experts in carpet cleaning services. We’ve been servicing Edison and the surrounding areas for years and we understand how difficult it can be for any property owner to keep your carpets clean and well maintained. That is why we would like to share some helpful advice on how to remove stains and keep your carpets looking like new.

Grease & Oil
Apply corn starch or talcum powder to the stained area and let it sit. Then gently brush or blot the stained area to remove the powder that has absorbed the oil or grease, followed by a thorough vacuuming.

Saturate the stain with a diluted ammonia solution (1 tablespoon ammonia, 1 cup of water), then blot up the stain and dry with a hair dryer.

Red Wine
For red wine, flush the stain with club soda and blot the area to remove any excess liquid. Repeat this sequence as many times as possible until the stain is removed, but be sure to use a clean section of the towel with each blot.

Blood Stains
To treat bloodstains or blood spots, continually flush the spots with cold water and dab the area until the spots are removed. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Soda Drinks
For stains caused by soda pop, create a vinegar solution (1 part vinegar, 2 parts water) and flush the area while blotting the stain and any excess liquid. Then apply a detergent solution (1 teaspoon detergent and 1 quart of water) and repeat the blotting process until the stain is completely removed.

For gum, use ice to freeze and harden the gum, and then gently use a spatula or dull side of a knife to gently pry the gum off of your carpeting.

When you have wax stains on your carpeting, place a paper bag on top of the stain and run a warm iron over the bag. The wax should melt due to the heat of the iron and the paper bag will then absorb the wax when in its liquid form.

Ball Point Ink
To remedy carpets of ink stains, drop some rubbing alcohol on the stain and allow it to settle and allow it to breakdown the ink and then gently dab the area with a damp paper towel.

But when these home tactics and ordinary vacuuming isn’t enough, you can trust ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services to provide high quality carpet cleaning services for your property. We use specially designed equipment and techniques that will remove stains, restore colors, and prolong the life of your carpeting. For more information or to begin a carpet cleaning service in Middlesex County, NJ, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services today.