Odor Removal Services: When you have foul odors lingering in the air, you know immediately that you want to resolve the problem and eliminate the cause. Despite the claims of so-called “air cleaners”, spraying a foul-smelling room with an air freshener or some similar product is only masking the problem.

You need to tackle the source of the smell, but sometimes it can be hard to identify.  Here are some of the most common reasons you might want to look up ‘Odor removal services’ in the Somerset area:

The Kitchen Garbage is one of the most common sources of the stink, and fortunately also the easiest to deal with; take it out, and clean the trash bin itself with a disinfectant spray. If a nasty smell remains, try cleaning out the fridge and pour a potful of boiling water down the drains to clear them of any food or grease.

Furry Pets are probably the next most-common olfactory assailant. There’s a nice multi-step process you can go through to keep them nose-friendly. First, bathe your pet using a pet shampoo.  Second, if yours is the litter-box type, use the clumping litter, as they lock the smell away.  Finally, if your pet has an ‘accident’, use an enzymatic cleaner like Simple Solution to clean up the mess.

Bathroom Odors come in two main types: toilet and bath.  In the case of a persistent urine smell, they can be remedied by thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl and placing a cleaning tablet in the tank.  Bath odors are almost always caused by some form of mold or mildew and can be tackled by using a bleach spray or a disinfectant spray on all of the surfaces of the bath including the shower curtain (often a hidden source of stink) and the showerhead.

If you continue to have a stench linger within your property and you are unable to find the source of the odor, contact ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services. We’ll be able to provide odor removal services that will be sure to eliminate the odors your walls, carpets, or furniture may have absorbed.