Have A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

As the heart of Thanksgiving beats in the kitchen, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services in North Brunswick, New Jersey, is here to ensure your holiday is filled with joy, not jeopardy. Here’s how to keep your Thanksgiving safe and sound.

Never Leave Cooking Unattended

The number one rule in kitchen safety is constant vigilance. Leaving cooking unattended, even for a minute, can lead to disaster. Always stay in the kitchen when frying, grilling, or broiling, and if you must step away, turn off the stove.

Create a Safe Zone for Kids and Pets

Thanksgiving is a family affair, but the kitchen is not a place for little ones or furry friends during meal prep. Establish a clear no-go zone to keep them safe from hot surfaces and spills.

Fry with Care

Fried turkey is delicious, but it comes with risks. Always use turkey fryers outdoors and away from any structures. Make sure the turkey is fully thawed to avoid a fiery oil reaction.

Declutter Your Cooking Space

A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. Remove any flammable objects like pot holders, wooden utensils, and food packaging from the vicinity of the stove and oven.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers: Your Safety Net

Prevent a small accident from becoming a full-blown emergency with a functional smoke alarm and a readily available fire extinguisher. Test your alarms and know how to use the extinguisher before the holiday rush.

In closing, while our team at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services is always here to assist with post-disaster cleaning and restoration, we firmly believe that prevention is the best strategy. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving. Should you need our services, we’re just a call away. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!