If your home or business is hit with water damage, whether from a storm, broken pipe, or other event, the damage can be devastating. At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services, we perform thousands of Hunterdon water damage repair jobs each year throughout New Jersey and New York. If this is the first time you have been faced with a water loss in your Hunterdon County home or business, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Here are a few tips from your local water damage restoration experts:

  • Immediately turn off the source of the water, if possible—restoration cannot begin until the leak or other source is plugged
  • Avoid stepping on impacted flooring—this can increase the damage, potentially rendering a previously restorable material no longer salvageable
  • Remove smaller items and furniture from the affected area
  • Place foil under the legs of large furniture to prevent staining, if possible
  • Call water damage specialists immediately—the damage worsens as each minute passes
  • Do not walk in standing water
  • Turn off your home’s heating and cooling system
  • Do not attempt to extract water using a vacuum or household appliances
  • Avoid areas with sewage or black water, which can carry bacteria and harmful materials
  • Discard all food and hygiene products from the affected area

You don’t have to face your water damage alone. Call the experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services for a complete floor-to-ceiling restoration. We are here 24/7 for emergency water damage mitigation services. Call now to start the drying process immediately, and minimize the damage.